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Your goal is for viewers to take that extra step and become active. What better way to do just that than a strong call to action?

With the right audience and the right business, direct mail marketing can have a powerful presence in any brand marketing strategy.

When it comes to a business’s online presence, carefully-crafted calls to action are vitally important. A CTA that draws visitors in and generates constructive leads will result in higher engagement and increased customer sales.

There’s no doubt about it—the future of marketing lies in videos. Which means, if a business wants to stay current on the latest marketing trends, it should have a comprehensive video strategy.

File Transfer Times

As technology continues to advance, Internet users have become increasingly accustomed to fast connection speeds. Although download times are affected by many variables, the most critical is the connection speed of both parties. Not all modems, though, are created equal. Some are fast and some, though once considered fast, are now very slow. Commonly-used modems range the gamut from 28.8 kbps analog to the 250 mbps wireless. The following is a brief comparison of various modems and the respective time required to download a 10MB file.

Modem / Transfer Rate / 10MB Download

28.8K / 28.8 kbps / 46 minutes

56K / 56 kbps / 24 minutes

ISDN / 128 kbps / 10 minutes

ASDL / 384 kbps / 3.3 minutes

Cable / 600 kbps / 2.1 minutes

T-1 / 1.54 mbps / 50 seconds

Wireless / 250 mbps / .3 seconds

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