Yellow Pages and Listings

Listings are an integral medium of advertising for small businesses. The Yellow Pages, business directories and notification ads are examples of listings. The difference between listings and traditional advertising mediums is that consumers seek them out. For example, consumers looking for a plumber are likely to look in the Yellow Pages. Whereas traditional advertisements are placed in magazines or newspapers where readers are likely to see them while looking for something else.

Generic business listings can be found in the Yellow Pages, the Silver Pages for senior citizens and the ethnic Yellow Pages. Some advertising trends, such as grocery coupons printed in Wednesday newspapers, can be subcategorized under listings. This is considered a listing because consumers search the Wednesday paper for these ads. Trade publications, such as publishing magazines, also feature ads listing available products or services. This is an example of a listing because trade publications target a specific reader, and that reader knows to check the publication for trade-specific products and services.

Employment agencies, newsletters, bulletin boards, trade journals and magazines are suitable locations for product and service listings. The local Chamber of Commerce can provide additional listing sources. In addition, local newspapers can have special interest sections that cater to small business advertising. Whether looking in the Yellow Pages or local newspaper, consumers can find a product or service information they need.

Listings provide a consistent, cost-effective form of advertising to small businesses. Listings also eliminate the chance for ad agencies to receive media offers and discounts, meaning listings provide the same, fair rate to both ad agencies and small businesses. Due to their affordability and the fact that consumers voluntarily reference them, the Yellow Pages, trade publications, professional newsletters and magazines are a great place for small businesses to start when developing their marketing plan.

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